An Introduction To Coach – Handbags, Shoes and Accessories

Raise your hand if you’ve ever heard of the brand named Coach? I’m almost positive your hand went up. If you haven’t heard of the name, someone you know has for sure. You quite possibly have seen a Coach store or merchandise in various malls, shops, or boutiques. You may have even stumbled upon an outlet mall in your travels. For more than 60 years, Coach has been in existence. In 1941, the brand began from a small family run business, in a small Manhattan loft. Now, it is run in tall sky scraper buildings in the U.S. and internationally.From high quality leather and skilled hands, the first products produced by the brand name were leather handbags. Coach has since then evolved into many other areas of fashion with unsurpassed quality and customer service.Till this day they have continued to exhibit excellent workmanship. Handbags are not the only part of the collection. It also consists of various women’s accessories such as wallets, leather cases, wristlets, scarves, gloves, bracelets, watches, hats and so much more. Coach even has a line for men that includes briefcases, messenger bags, watches, belts, ties, and much more. It’s baby line has expanded over the years also. More and more items keep popping up year after year.Other than the ever popular handbag, you can find a complete line of women’s leather shoes, which has been quite successful in the fashion world this past year. Years ago the brand struggled to keep a wide market due to their products only appealing to a specific group. Now, not only are they famous for their quality handbags, they are also on top of the market with many other leather products.Back in the early years, the solid colored handbags and shoes were not popular with the hipsters and teens. A fresh and younger look was needed to make sells. Once they started expanding their product lines, they started integrating the newest craze and trendiest styles in fashion into their designs. Once this was done, the catalogs slowly built up into the level of diversity you now see.Now, when you enter a Coach store you won’t only see handbags, but women and men’s shoes that range from loafers, flip flops, and boots. They also carry boots for men. They have a select clothing line and also have office furniture and eye wear.The same skilled craftsmen who hand craft the handbag also put the same craftsmanship into making their shoes. You can see the high quality in every detail of the shoe. Just take a look at the meticulous work that was put into each item made through its detailed design. The trimming and stitching is perfect in every way.Each Coach product made whether it be a handbag, wallet, travel bag, or shoe are all made with the same clarity and quality as was given over 60 years ago. Coach has stuck to consistency and tradition, but at the same time adapted to more modern times. It will be a company that is still around for many years to come.To find these amazing products, you must first go to the place that offers the best of everything, the internet. The internet offers all Coach products at reduced prices. eBay for instance, has stores that have designer everything at a fraction of what you would pay in-store. They also have live auctions that allow people like you and me sell their new and slightly used items for pennies on the dollar. You can get a brand new Coach handbag for $75.00 instead of the $275.00 you would pay in the stores. Now, that is savings!So, go ahead and do a search for your next pair of shoes or anything and watch the savings pile up. You won’t regret your smart move.

The Remarkable Art of Jewelry Making

Did you realize that the art of jewelry making has been traced back for 100,000 years? As long as there have been people who have wanted to adorn themselves with items of beauty and meaning there has been jewelry. We will never know what exactly gave rise to the desire to create jewelry, but the oldest known beads are actually a small collection of Nassarius shells found in Israel, carefully drilled so they could be worn by an individual.Jewelry has Many UsesOf course, the most popular use of jewelry is as adornment, but it actually has been used for many purposes over the years. Jewelry can be used as a way to store wealth, for currency, for practical reasons, as a symbol, for protection, and more.For example, a kilt pin is a very practical tool, but it can be much more if the designer has taken the time to fashion that same pin into the shape of a harp. Many people wear crosses, triskelions, stars, and a variety of other religious symbols indicating their participation in a particular group. Medicine bags, hair pins that turn into small daggers, and of course the ever popular sword in a cane are all examples of protective jewelry.MaterialsJewelry can and has been made of just about every material imaginable. Fine metals and gems, beads, shells, seeds, tree sap, and glass have all been involved in the jewelry trade at one point or another. There are few items that haven’t been used to adorn the human body, temporarily or permanently.The selection of materials that is popular with a culture is more often determined by what is available in the local environs than anything else. For example, sea side residents are more likely to have a history of making jewelry from shells while those who lived in an area that had a great deal of naturally forming amber would use that. Today, geography is no longer a prime determinant of which materials are used where.Beads Reign SupremeBeads are probably the most popular material used in making jewelry. Whether the beads are made from precious gemstones, expensive metals, or particularly attractive seeds, beads are flexible and easy to use. Colors, shapes, and textures can all be created by using a selection of beads, and the variety is nearly beyond comprehension. Beads are even embroidered onto articles of clothing, essentially creating wearable jewelry.Jewelry TodayWe are long past the days where sumptuary laws dictated who could wear what kind of jewelry. This means that anyone can wear anything their heart desires. The jewelry making field has taken full advantage of that freedom. You can find everything from cheap costume jewelry to handcrafted artisan jewelry, right up to diamond encrusted platinum showpieces that are only affordable by the richest people in the world.It can take an artist many years to learn how to make the most of their jewelry making medium, but the best, most unique pieces you will ever find are those that are custom made and not mass produced. It is clear that jewelry will always be a part of the human experience, even as the trends change to accommodate changing tastes and norms.